Randfontein Show 2014

I go to the Randfontein Show every year…these days only because I have been to every one since it started.

Well what really pisses me off is that the best time to steal money from the public is on a Friday and Saturday, these tickets cost R80 a piece for adults.

Besides it being the wettest weekend of the year every year, what pisses me off the most, is that you walk through the stalls and a number of them have packed up and left already…obviously pissed off at not making up the money spent on the stall. One stall owner told me he uses the show as a tax write off…. [BLOG] give that money to a charity, it will be a write off too, and may even be used to feed a kid or two, and not line the pockets of a few elites.

Every year they have entertainers at the show….the programme shows entertainers every half hour until the last one starting at 21:00….yet a parks department worker, started packing the chairs away at 19:10, poor Zurilda thought it was a cue for her to get off stage.

People enter the tent…no chairs, then they have to find the pile out in the rain, get the driest ones and bring them back in. People holding seats for friends end up having to tell this guy to piss off and leave the chairs alone. Some kids stand up and dance when blackie comes on, this guy takes their chairs and packs them away….my [BLOG] we paid for the whole day, wait until Sunday or at least closing time.

Then you get to the food vendours….my [BLOG], R14 for a cold drink….in the rain? R20 for a Potato on a stick? I am all for a free market system, but [BLOG] it man this New South African trend of “skep as dit reen” has to come to an end soon. You can only tap so much blood from a stone. When I asked one of the ladies selling cold drinks why everyone was selling cold drinks at the same price she said they were told that is the price….is that not price fixing?

In the old days the ticket prices were pretty low, kids use to visit the show daily to ride on the rides, adults use to go everyday, have a meal, watch a show…more money was generated in this way, nowadays I tell people I will see them at the show, they tell me they are not going…too expensive, a rip off.

These days it has become an overpriced fleamarket, with less ans less vendours attending every year… [BLOG] it man you can get better value for money going to the Hillfox market on a weekend, with entertainment