Randfontein Municipality

In December 2011 & January 2012 I called the  Randfontein Municipality to inform them about a water leak on the pavement in front of my house. By July 2012 the grass on the pavement  was terribly long, a garden service came around and for a fee offered to cut the grass, a while later he said that the lawnmower was “biting” him, I went to investigate and found that there were three water leaks. I called the Randfontein Municipality again, and explained the situation again, asking them to send the plumber AND the parks department to cut the grass, I was told they would send someone. This did not happen.

I the beginning of September 2012 I called them again, asked who I could talk to about this, the lady told me she would take care of it…. 3 weeks later I get home and I see a muddy mess on the outer wall, they seem to have worked on the one leak. I called and asked what about the others….about a week later I catch them leaving, I stop them and see what was done, again only one of the leaks was fixed, I asked about the other and was told by the plumber that he will return for that one, until today 8th of April 2013 still no sign of him.

In the 1st week of Feb 2013, I see the Parks department up the road from me and think WOW finally, at that time their lawn mower kicks up a stone and hits my car window, the supervisor gets called, a Mr Dries Odendal, he investigates and at the same time I talk to him about my situation, he promises and instructs the foreman to go and sort it out, as they were busy doing my street at the time…..still nothing,

On the 27th of Feb I call mr Odendal and he tells me that they are busy with the gardens for the Randfontein Show, but promises me that they will attend the next week, but the latest will be the week after…still no sign of them.

This is just pathetic

Follow up: By some strange coincidence my grass was cut on the 9th of April a vday after I posted the article, today is the 27th and still I have running water on the pavement

Follow up: 22 August 2013 – Almost 2 years now – I still have water running – no sign of any municipal plumbers yet – great work your team is doing Mayor

Follow up: 26 October 2013 -  I still have water running – no sign of any municipal plumbers yet – bang up job your team is doing there Mayor!

Follow up: 5 March 2014 -  I still have water running, grass is going wild again – no sign of any municipal plumbers yet – well done Mayor and your team!