Pet Masters in Boksburg

Hell man, if there is something that pisses me off, then it is being served by idiots or kids that know [BLOG]all about the product they are flogging.

I call up Pet Masters and inquire about some birds, I am told that they have in stock at R200 ea, so I drive 80 odd kms out to them.

I get there and am greeted by a barrage of youngsters. I make my way to the aviaries with two of these dingle berries stuck to my butt.

I see the birds I am interested in, prices marked on the aviaries are R200 and R250 ea, I get one of the Dingle berries to make sure of the price and get a container for the birds I am buying, while the other proceeds to catch two pairs for me.

Dingle berry one comes back saying R250 ea,  R50 more than I was told on the phone and a huge messed up box, Dingle berry two still has not managed to catch a single bird

Eventually I tell him to get out the aviary, take the net a catch the birds from outside.

We get to the till and the till tapper hits me with R1200, I tell her the price, she calls another muppet who tells me they are R300 ea, then the [BLOG]er proceeds to say “where in SA do you think you will find these birds for R250 ea?”

Well needless to say he liked the birds more than me, so I pissed off and left him his birds, I then stopped in at Airport pets in Pomona and found the same Birds for R150 ea.

So [BLOG]er. I found them for half the price, around the corner, and best of all, without the [BLOG]ing attitude.