Dumb Asses who do not stop at stop streets and robots

It really pees me off when these dumb asses skip the stop street and traffic lights at night. I travel between the Westrand and Centurion, and this happens every day, especially on the corner of Oak Ave and Witch Hazel Ave in Centurion

Follow up: I watched as a Coin Security Van sped through the Red Light on John Voster, the other night right in front of on coming traffic

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Turds with Trailers

I spend a fair amount of time on the road, and often you see a turd speeding by, and towing a trailer or caravan, he has a huge vehicle doing the grunt work, and seems to think that will power him out of any situation. Problem is that he hitches his dusty trailer, maybe once or twice a year, he has minimal experience towing, and now he is king of the road….well more often than I care to recall I find them down a ditch or wheels in the air, a little down the road….


Update…6 April 2013

Just saw another one of these Turds with wheels in the air on the N14, both the Fortuner and the Trailer….