A West Rand Bird Farm

Isn’t it strange how a business owner would entrust a multimillion rand business to goons.

I walk into a West Rand Bird Farm today, I see four birds I would like to purchase, a pair of Whitehead White tail Ringnecks at R3000 and two Pied Ringnecks at R3000 each. I hang around the birdroom for 20 min, no one in sight, I walk to the other birdroom, see the guy serving a customer, so I wait, he finishes with him, them goes over and chats to a pretty customer fondling a hamster, my daughter walks over and asks for assistance, he then comes towards the birdroom following her, but then decides to chat up another customer half way, I patiently wait for him to try and sell a R150 lovebird to the customer, the guy does not buy sweet blow all, and this “sales” person dissapears, leaving me standing, I walk out and he is missing, another sales lady attempts to assist another client, can’t help him then she pisses off, I raise my voice, then she makes a half hearted attempt at asking what I want…. I walk out the shop, and there in the parking lot is the first “sales” person looking at more lovebirds, I voice my displeasure at the whole situation, he turns around saying that he thought that the other customer was the one who called him…..my daughter walked back with him when he chatted up this guy….

So a R9000 sale was [BLOG]ed up because it is easier to sell a Lovebird than it is to assist real buyers.

I was part owner of a Pet Shop, before my uncle died, and I will never forget something he told me once when I asked him why we don’t keep little Goldfish for kids to buy….he said that in the time it took the kid to decide which R3 fish he wanted, three customers willing to spend good money on expensive parrots had walked out, so it did not make business sense to keep fish which drive real customers away.

Moral of the story is that if you put a monkey behind the wheel of a bus, it does not make him a bus driver, he is still just a monkey behind the wheel of another man’s bus….