Faerie Glen Cow

This Faerie Glen Cow in her Merc Station wagon on Friday 31 August 2012, comes tearing down the parking lot of the Pick n Pay Hyper, my family and I are busy crossing the lot at a Stop sign, we step back and left the desperate housewife who obviously needed the loo pass us, she skips the stop street, almost hitting another vehicle in the intersection, slams on brakes, throws the Merc into reverse and nearly drives over my daughter, I shout at the cow, she rolls down the window and tells me not to be rude, all I told her to watch out and not to speed in a parking lot, no harsh words at all, she then tells me that it was not her fault the other car almost hit her pretty little Merc. When I point out that she skipped the stop street, not the other car, this auntie tells me I am rude.

Best of all she had a beautiful little daughter in the back seat, not tied up, people like this should not be allowed to breed