Randfontein Show 2014

I go to the Randfontein Show every year…these days only because I have been to every one since it started.

Well what really pisses me off is that the best time to steal money from the public is on a Friday and Saturday, these tickets cost R80 a piece for adults.

Besides it being the wettest weekend of the year every year, what pisses me off the most, is that you walk through the stalls and a number of them have packed up and left already…obviously pissed off at not making up the money spent on the stall. One stall owner told me he uses the show as a tax write off…. [BLOG] give that money to a charity, it will be a write off too, and may even be used to feed a kid or two, and not line the pockets of a few elites.

Every year they have entertainers at the show….the programme shows entertainers every half hour until the last one starting at 21:00….yet a parks department worker, started packing the chairs away at 19:10, poor Zurilda thought it was a cue for her to get off stage.

People enter the tent…no chairs, then they have to find the pile out in the rain, get the driest ones and bring them back in. People holding seats for friends end up having to tell this guy to piss off and leave the chairs alone. Some kids stand up and dance when blackie comes on, this guy takes their chairs and packs them away….my [BLOG] we paid for the whole day, wait until Sunday or at least closing time.

Then you get to the food vendours….my [BLOG], R14 for a cold drink….in the rain? R20 for a Potato on a stick? I am all for a free market system, but [BLOG] it man this New South African trend of “skep as dit reen” has to come to an end soon. You can only tap so much blood from a stone. When I asked one of the ladies selling cold drinks why everyone was selling cold drinks at the same price she said they were told that is the price….is that not price fixing?

In the old days the ticket prices were pretty low, kids use to visit the show daily to ride on the rides, adults use to go everyday, have a meal, watch a show…more money was generated in this way, nowadays I tell people I will see them at the show, they tell me they are not going…too expensive, a rip off.

These days it has become an overpriced fleamarket, with less ans less vendours attending every year… [BLOG] it man you can get better value for money going to the Hillfox market on a weekend, with entertainment







In general cyclists behave themselves pretty well on the road, but then you get the weekend wankers that wants to chat more than cycle. These [BLOG]ers are the ones that [BLOG] it up for the rest.

They sometimes ride 3 abreast, even on a narrow road, they just peddle through Stop streets and traffic lights, they assume that you know where they are going, since they fail to look or indicate their intentions to turn.

This morning I come across another troop of these bozos on the R28 highway, obviously in preparation for the 94.7.

On the same road at the Diswilmar intersection, one of these clowns coming from the opposite direction, turns and crosses in front of 5 lanes of vehicles, how stupid can you get?

Idiots on the road


These two dumb chops, one in a white Polo Vivo, the other chop in a Red Nissan Hardbody, decided to try and settle their differences on the R28 highway near Muldersdrift, they were passing each other, cutting each other off, blocking the road, and trying to force each other off the road. All this while there are cars around them, and 6 passengers on the back of the Nissan.I don’t care about these two Neanderthals, but the passengers and other road users were not even considered by these two idiots


Men’s Toilets

What is it with men’s restrooms in SA?

[BLOG] it, we are way past the ancient Roman communal crappers.

It pisses me off when I have to go and piss against a wall and a fellow desperado sidles up to the urinal next to me. [BLOG] sakes man, I do not want his piss splashed all over me.

With the advances in techno these days you would think someone would have patented a cheap light weight partition.


Pet Masters in Boksburg

Hell man, if there is something that pisses me off, then it is being served by idiots or kids that know [BLOG]all about the product they are flogging.

I call up Pet Masters and inquire about some birds, I am told that they have in stock at R200 ea, so I drive 80 odd kms out to them.

I get there and am greeted by a barrage of youngsters. I make my way to the aviaries with two of these dingle berries stuck to my butt.

I see the birds I am interested in, prices marked on the aviaries are R200 and R250 ea, I get one of the Dingle berries to make sure of the price and get a container for the birds I am buying, while the other proceeds to catch two pairs for me.

Dingle berry one comes back saying R250 ea,  R50 more than I was told on the phone and a huge messed up box, Dingle berry two still has not managed to catch a single bird

Eventually I tell him to get out the aviary, take the net a catch the birds from outside.

We get to the till and the till tapper hits me with R1200, I tell her the price, she calls another muppet who tells me they are R300 ea, then the [BLOG]er proceeds to say “where in SA do you think you will find these birds for R250 ea?”

Well needless to say he liked the birds more than me, so I pissed off and left him his birds, I then stopped in at Airport pets in Pomona and found the same Birds for R150 ea.

So [BLOG]er. I found them for half the price, around the corner, and best of all, without the [BLOG]ing attitude.

Private Car Sellers

Don’t you hate it when you drive around and see a vehicle with a for sale sign, but [BLOG] all price?

[BLOG]it man, if you want to sell the car, put a [BLOG]ing price on the car, it will then be up to me to decide whether I want to spend the time, effort or money to call you.

Road side Urinators

It truely pisses me off when traveling ANYWHERE these days with the family and you see a car on the side of the road, and there stands this [BLOG]ing Neanderthal with his willy in his hand in plain view having a piss. He does not even have the decency of standing with his back to on coming traffic.

In any civilized country this sort of anti-social behavior is frowned upon and even punishable, but not in South Africa, here crap like this is allowed…. dragging us even further into the dark ages.

I have even seen this lewd behavior from Tswane Metro Police on two occasions as you get on to the Ben Schoeman highway at the fountains.

south african neanderthal

A West Rand Bird Farm

Isn’t it strange how a business owner would entrust a multimillion rand business to goons.

I walk into a West Rand Bird Farm today, I see four birds I would like to purchase, a pair of Whitehead White tail Ringnecks at R3000 and two Pied Ringnecks at R3000 each. I hang around the birdroom for 20 min, no one in sight, I walk to the other birdroom, see the guy serving a customer, so I wait, he finishes with him, them goes over and chats to a pretty customer fondling a hamster, my daughter walks over and asks for assistance, he then comes towards the birdroom following her, but then decides to chat up another customer half way, I patiently wait for him to try and sell a R150 lovebird to the customer, the guy does not buy sweet blow all, and this “sales” person dissapears, leaving me standing, I walk out and he is missing, another sales lady attempts to assist another client, can’t help him then she pisses off, I raise my voice, then she makes a half hearted attempt at asking what I want…. I walk out the shop, and there in the parking lot is the first “sales” person looking at more lovebirds, I voice my displeasure at the whole situation, he turns around saying that he thought that the other customer was the one who called him…..my daughter walked back with him when he chatted up this guy….

So a R9000 sale was [BLOG]ed up because it is easier to sell a Lovebird than it is to assist real buyers.

I was part owner of a Pet Shop, before my uncle died, and I will never forget something he told me once when I asked him why we don’t keep little Goldfish for kids to buy….he said that in the time it took the kid to decide which R3 fish he wanted, three customers willing to spend good money on expensive parrots had walked out, so it did not make business sense to keep fish which drive real customers away.

Moral of the story is that if you put a monkey behind the wheel of a bus, it does not make him a bus driver, he is still just a monkey behind the wheel of another man’s bus….



Randfontein Municipality

In December 2011 & January 2012 I called the  Randfontein Municipality to inform them about a water leak on the pavement in front of my house. By July 2012 the grass on the pavement  was terribly long, a garden service came around and for a fee offered to cut the grass, a while later he said that the lawnmower was “biting” him, I went to investigate and found that there were three water leaks. I called the Randfontein Municipality again, and explained the situation again, asking them to send the plumber AND the parks department to cut the grass, I was told they would send someone. This did not happen.

I the beginning of September 2012 I called them again, asked who I could talk to about this, the lady told me she would take care of it…. 3 weeks later I get home and I see a muddy mess on the outer wall, they seem to have worked on the one leak. I called and asked what about the others….about a week later I catch them leaving, I stop them and see what was done, again only one of the leaks was fixed, I asked about the other and was told by the plumber that he will return for that one, until today 8th of April 2013 still no sign of him.

In the 1st week of Feb 2013, I see the Parks department up the road from me and think WOW finally, at that time their lawn mower kicks up a stone and hits my car window, the supervisor gets called, a Mr Dries Odendal, he investigates and at the same time I talk to him about my situation, he promises and instructs the foreman to go and sort it out, as they were busy doing my street at the time…..still nothing,

On the 27th of Feb I call mr Odendal and he tells me that they are busy with the gardens for the Randfontein Show, but promises me that they will attend the next week, but the latest will be the week after…still no sign of them.

This is just pathetic

Follow up: By some strange coincidence my grass was cut on the 9th of April a vday after I posted the article, today is the 27th and still I have running water on the pavement

Follow up: 22 August 2013 – Almost 2 years now – I still have water running – no sign of any municipal plumbers yet – great work your team is doing Mayor

Follow up: 26 October 2013 -  I still have water running – no sign of any municipal plumbers yet – bang up job your team is doing there Mayor!

Follow up: 5 March 2014 -  I still have water running, grass is going wild again – no sign of any municipal plumbers yet – well done Mayor and your team!

Faerie Glen Cow

This Faerie Glen Cow in her Merc Station wagon on Friday 31 August 2012, comes tearing down the parking lot of the Pick n Pay Hyper, my family and I are busy crossing the lot at a Stop sign, we step back and left the desperate housewife who obviously needed the loo pass us, she skips the stop street, almost hitting another vehicle in the intersection, slams on brakes, throws the Merc into reverse and nearly drives over my daughter, I shout at the cow, she rolls down the window and tells me not to be rude, all I told her to watch out and not to speed in a parking lot, no harsh words at all, she then tells me that it was not her fault the other car almost hit her pretty little Merc. When I point out that she skipped the stop street, not the other car, this auntie tells me I am rude.

Best of all she had a beautiful little daughter in the back seat, not tied up, people like this should not be allowed to breed